Ballarat’s performing arts organisations, companies and artists have come together and formed a new association to establish and manage a dedicated performing arts facility.


Through providing affordable and fit-for-purpose facilities, we will support and develop the performing arts industry in Ballarat.

Collaborating in a shared space, our members will benefit financially and creatively, and those benefits will flow on to others in our industry and the wider community.

Photo: Evelyn Zeven


Ballarat Performing Arts Community

Our Organisation – An umbrella association for the performing arts in Ballarat.

Ballarat Performing Arts Centre

Our Venue – A place to perform, rehearse, meet, collaborate and develop new work.



Overlook Productions | Spark Theatre | BLOC Music Theatre | Independent Artists & Producers
Members of the Neil St Church community | … and many more to come


Stability & Sustainability

A home for organisations and artists to perform, meet, rehearse, develop and collaborate on projects, with a long-term focus.

Leadership & Advocacy

A visible and active voice for our community.

Representing our interests in other forums.

Sector Development

Education and training.

Job creation.

Industry pathways.

Audience Development

Raising the profile of local talent & companies.

Promoting shows and events.

Community-centred programming.


Stage 1 – Current

  • BPAC has been established as an incorporated association.
  • We have moved in to 501 Neill Street, Soldiers Hill – a former Uniting Church facility with several heritage buildings.
  • We are building our membership base and raising funds for the foundational costs of occupying the site and running the organisation.
  • We will be trialling our bookings system and spaces with meetings and small rehearsals. This will be for user-members only at this stage.
  • We are applying for a place of assembly permit with our local council (the property is currently classed as a place of worship) and seeking the relevant approvals for our intended use.
  • Income will be derived from membership and booking fees, events in other venues and fundraising.

Stage 2 – Late 2024/2025

  • We will have the option to purchase the property at Neill Street, and, pending planning approval, we aim to utilise it as  a performance venue with multiple spaces for shows, workshops and events, as well as space for continued rehearsals and meetings for our members.
  • We will be raising funds for essential structural works and fitting-out of the properties, as well as operational funding.

Stage 3 – 2025 onwards

  • The vision is to develop a world-class performing arts centre at the Neill St site, with a full calendar of shows and events by local performers and companies, as well as hosting many touring shows.
  • The site will continue to support and develop the Ballarat performing arts community with affordable spaces for creative work and education.
  • The magnificent heritage buildings on the site will be restored and maintained, and will continue their legacy of a community gathering space.


Michael Whitehead (Chair) (Lyric Theatre rep), Peter Kingsbury (Vice Chair),

Millie Koenders (Treasurer) (Ballarat Symphony Orchestra rep), Beth Lamont (Secretary),
Matthew Heenan, Lyn Broadstock (Ballarat Choral Society rep), Liana Emmerson,
Carolyn Bennett (Royal South Street rep), Evelyn Zeven/Laura Hudson – (Ballarat National Theatre rep).


Tim Ryan, Hayden Rees, Luke Tonkin, Jeff Moran, Miranda Donald, Cathy Heenan, Lyndell Allen, Graham Wilkie, Bruce Dalkin.


BPAC is currently entirely managed by volunteers and we are extremely grateful for the support by the following organisations.